SayIt Wireless Microphone App

SayIt Wireless Microphone App

Justin Erickson

The SayIt by nVoq subscription includes a wireless microphone app for your iPhone and Android. With this app you can turn your phone into the microphone input on your computer.

To enable this option you will need to checkmark "wireless microphone" under the options menu.

sayit application window with wireless microphone option

After enabling the wireless microphone option, a window will popup to ask you to accept or name your computer to assist with proper connection to your smartphone.

sayit name pc wireless app


After you have done this, download the "SayIt Wireless Microphone" from the app store. You will need to login to your SayIt account on the app to begin.

sayit wireless app login

Once logged in you should be automatically connected to your PC. You will know this if the computer name is at the top of the app. If not, you can click the connect to client button at the top.

Connect to client wireless sayit app

select client to connect sayit wireless app

Once connected you are all set to begin dictating with your phone into your target application.

sayit wireless microphone app

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