New nVoq.Voice Medical Speech Recognition Cloud Application

New nVoq.Voice Medical Speech Recognition Cloud Application

Justin Erickson

We are excited to announce nVoq.Voice as our new offering sold on Voice To Text Solutions. The nVoq Voice application is the latest offering by nVoq into the medical speech recognition market. 

nVoq Voice uses the same neural network speech engine as SayIt, which is a proven accurate engine for many medical specialties. The goal of nVoq Voice was to re-imagine how medical speech recognition works by providing the easiest workflow to the end users. While most speech applications are focusing on complicated features and voice commands that takes time to master, nVoq Voice is keeping it simple in a no nonsense way to complete medical documentation using your voice to dictate directly into any EHR.

This is only the start for nVoq.Voice, with its aggressive development timeline, nVoq.Voice will be a likely contender to Nuance Dragon Medical One for nearly half the price.

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