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SayIt by NVOQ

Affordable. Fast. Accurate.

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sayit works on windows and mac

Windows and Mac Compatible

SayIt is a Java based application which allows it to function in both Mac and Windows environments with no compromise to features or function. Easily move between both operating systems for no extra cost.

sayit is fast and accurate at a lower cost

Fast, Accurate, and Affordable

NVOQ created their speech engine in the cloud before many of the big players. What sets them apart is the cost for a fast and accurate medical speech recognition solution you can use anywhere.

sayit can be used anywhere

Flexible and Portable

Quickly and easily download SayIt on any workstation anytime. Working at the clinic, hospital, and home doesn't have to entail different workflows. Use SayIt at each location for streamlined documentation.

sayit is constantly getting better

Increasing Accuracy and Improvements

NVOQ is committed to constantly improving the accuracy, vocabulary, and speed of SayIt. With an update scheduled every 3 months for improvements, fixes, and new features, you will be sure to have a good experience. 

SayIt in Action

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast and accurate text directly into EMR
  • Customize vocabulary and more
  • Create voice shortcuts and templates for repetitive text

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Cloud Flexibility

SayIt follows you everywhere. Download and login in about 1 minute for quick access to medical speech recognition from any Windows or Mac computer. Your templates and macros follow you from place to place without a hassle.

Templates and Macros

Create a number of voice shortcuts to speed up your documentation process. From quick text to form-filled templates you can complete repetitive documentation quickly. Use a voice commands to perform keyboard shortcuts and open websites with ease.

EMR agnostic

SayIt works in every EMR. From web-based EMRs to locally installed or even remotely installed EMRs, SayIt can insert text directly into your target application. SayIt is essentially pasting text into your EMR in an automated fashion. So if you can copy and paste text into your EMR, SayIt will work just fine for you.

Wireless Microphone App

Use your iPhone or Android as a wireless microphone input. The wireless microphone app connects to any computer you are working with and becomes your microphone with touch screen controls. Great as a backup microphone or for users who are jumping from workstation to workstation.

Citrix and RDP

Is your EMR inside a Citrix window or RDP session? As long as you are able to copy and paste from your local computer into the remote window, SayIt will typically work well in these scenarios where other applications do not!

Hands Free Voice Control

SayIt has listen commands you can use in order to turn it on/off. This allows for you to operate handsfree in scenarios where that is required. This is most often used in pathology.


SayIt works with the popular Speechmikes and Powermics to allow for easy control of the microphone and other functions. You also reap the benefits of a high quality microphone for better accuracy.

Powerful Substitutions and Vocabulary

Say less and get more with SayIt. Use substitutions to create text expansions and more for a customized experience. For instance, speak the acronym "CHF" and SayIt will auto substitute it for the full phrase "Congestive Heart Failure" as you speak.

Technical Specifications

sayit tech specs


  • Windows 7,8,10 or MacOS Catalina 
  • CPU: Intel-compatible 1.6 GHz+ Processor
  • RAM: 600 MB Runtime
  • Disk Space: 500 MB
  • 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8+


  • Internet Bandwidth: 64 Kbps per user when dictating
  • 2 Mbps upload speed, 4 Mbps download speed
  • less than 30 Internet ping time is recommended for good performance
  • Average Bandwidth/30 users: .4 Mbps

Jeff Gersbach MD - Shenandoah Emergency Physicians

dr gersbach loves sayit

"The beauty of SayIt is that it is tied to me, not the EMR or location. Because it is a cloud-based solution, I can access it along with my profile wherever I’m working. The product is easy to use and provides very fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion. Unlike other speech-recognition solutions, SayIt uses separate hotkeys for dictation and shortcuts, which means I can use Epic smart phrases for greater productivity."

How does SayIt compare to the competition?

sayit comparison

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