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Veterinary Speech Recognition

Efficient and accurate documentation directly into any veterinary electronic record keeping platform.

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Veterinary Vocabulary

Fusion Narrate has veterinary vocabulary built in. Animal species (large & small), common pet names for dog and cats, and veterinary pharmaceutical names are included in the vocabulary topic.

The biggest difference is the veterinary sentence modeling built into the speech engine, whereas the competition's accuracy relies on vocabulary words only.

Veterinary specialties for radiology, cardiology, dermatology are also covered in the sentence modeling and vocabualry terms.

Speak Into These Platforms & more

  • AVImark
  • Cornerstone
  • ezyVet
  • PetDesk
  • eVetPractice
  • ImproMed
  • Idexx


Fusion Narrate offers 1 year and 3 year subscriptions. Save more and lock in your lower annual price with a 3 year subscription. (Contact us to sign up for a 3 year plan)

With an annual plan Fusion Narrate is $350 cheaper than the competition.

Fusion Narrate also offers a lower activation and implementation fee which includes the same level of service.

Increased productivity

Increase Billable Services

Reduce Documentation Time

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Voice Shortcuts

Below are some examples of the powerful macro/shortcuts you can create using Fusion Narrate. Using voice shortcuts can improve productivity and reduce the clicks required to navigate your veterinary practice management software.

Create text templates with fusion narrate

Text Templates

Create templates as simple or complex as your needs desire. The easy to use template builder allows for field markers, drop-downs, rich-text, and more! 

fusion narrate can find and click anywhere with your voice commands

Vision Clicks

Fusion Narrate's patented pending Vision Click technology allows you use voice commands to click on anything you desire. Simply take a screenshot using the shortcut builder and Narrate will find the button and click on it for you each time. 

create multi step macro commands with fusion narrate

Multi-Step Macros

Hate having to click 5 times to perform the same repetitive task? Use the shortcut builder to create multi-step macros that will quickly perform repetitive clicks and other actions with amazing speed. Save time and cut down on clicks.

fusion narrate can automate keyboard commands

Keyboard Hotkeys

Perform key strokes and key combinations by voice. Complete long strings of keyboard presses in short order to complete repetitive tasks.

fusion narrate can open files and applications

Open Files & Webpages

Open files, folders, programs, or webpages using your voice or as a part of a multi step macro.

fusion narrate can also perform scripted commands

Advanced Scripting

Have something only a script can handle?
Narrate supports AutoIT and VBScripting.

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