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Dragon Law Enforcement v16 

Fast and Accurate Incident Report Creation

Dragon Law Enforcement v16 - Licensed Product
Dragon Law Enforcement v16 - Licensed Product

Dragon Law Enforcement v16 - Licensed Product


Benefits of Dragon Law Enforcement- Licensed Version

dragon law enforcement license program

OLP - Open License Program

The open license program allows for easy management of multiple users into one license. You also get the benefits of discounted prices at certain tiers.

dragon law enforcement can be managed

Administration Tools

The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customizations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple users. Subscription Required.

use dragon law enforcement with citrix and rdp

Citrix and RDP Support

Do you use Citrix or Remote Desktop environments and require the ability to use Dragon to dictate into or from them? Dragon Law Enforcement includes the ability and drivers needed to support these environments. 

easy install via MSI dragon law enforcement

MSI Installation

Installing software to 10, 50, or 100's of computers can be a daunting task. Only Dragon Legal Group provides the ability to install using MSI and includes a help guide to assist you along the way.

Dragon Law Enforcement in Action

  • Dictate and Create Documents as Fast as You can Speak
  • Improve Officer Saftey by Increased Awareness when Documenting
  • Custom Vocabualry to Assist with License Plates, Car Models and more...
  • Dictate Incident Reports in a Flash to Continue Policing

Dragon Law Enforecement Brief (PDF)


Law Enforcement Vocabulary Built In

Dragon Law Enforcement has a 300,000+ word vocabulary that is customizable to each user or department. Add specific acronyms, names and places to the vocabulary to customize it to your location.

Eliminate or Reduce Transcription

Tradition transcription is expensive. Dragon allows you to reduce that or fully eliminate it. Reduce or eliminate the cost of transcription by providing officers with the tool to complete documentation efficiently..

Text Automation and Templates

Use your voice to quickly insert repetitive text such as headers, signatures and more. No more creating the same document over and over again, just fill in the blank with ease to create templates.

Nuance Powermic

PowerMic is faster and more convenient than using a headset microphone, is ideal for on-the-go situations or for high levels of dictation. Users can switch back and forth between dictation and other tasks, or program buttons to automate steps such as advancing sequentially through template fields.

License Plate Dictation

Dragon Law Enforcement provides a way for officers to easily dictate license plate combinations while keeping their eyes on the road. 

Speed Up Documentation Turn-Around Times

Use Dragon Law Enforcement to type out pre-recorded dictation directly on to a Word document. By using a digital recorder to dictate notes at a crime scene you are able to have them quickly typed up when you get back to your PC.

Officer Safety

Keeping your head down while typing a report in your patrol car can be dangerous. Dragon Law Enforcement provides a way to use a microphone to complete your documentation while keeping your head up to be aware of your surroundings.

Dragon Anywhere Mobile

Ask us for more information about Dragon Anywhere which is a mobile solution for creating documents on the go. Great for smartphones and tablets and the mobile workflow. Take notes at the crime scene in real time.

Technical Specifications

tech specs for dragon law enforcement group
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  •  Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, and Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4GB min 8GB+ Reccomended
  • 2.2 GHz Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor
  • Disk Space: 8GB for install and download
  • Approved sound card or USB microphone
  • Ask for current Citrix specs
  • Internet for download and activation

The Advantage

Digital Delivery

Your DMPE4 will be delivered fast via digital delivery. No need to wait on long shipping times, and no disc drive required!

Expert Support

We have your back with expert technical support from US based technicians with years of experience!

License Recovery

We will track your license for you. If your computer crashes, we will send you the license and download free of charge.

Expert Training

Don't struggle with your new software, we can help! Schedule some time to learn the basics of DMPE4 with one of our technicians.

police officer wants free trial of dragon law enforcement

Free Trial Available

  • Free 7 day trial of Dragon Law Enforcement
  • Must have a quality microphone
  • Available to Groups