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Unparalleled accuracy. Feature Rich.

Fusion Narrate Annual Cloud Subscription

$849.99 per year

Compare to Dragon $1200 per year

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fusion narrate Works in all Electronic Health Records

EHR, LIS, RIS Agnostic

Fusion Narrate was created with flexibility in mind. Full compatibility in nearly all EHR, LIS and RIS systems. Including Microsoft Office Programs, Google Chrome, and much more!

fusion narrate covers many medical specialties

Medical Specialties

Fusion Narrate supports a vast medical vocabulary to include many medical specialties. General Medical, Pathology, Radiology, Behavioral Health, Gastroenterology to name a few!  

fusion narrate can be used anywhere

Flexibility of the Cloud

Your subscription follows you. Need access at home, the office, or coffee shop? You got it. Download and login to any computer and within 1 minute you are up and running on Fusion Narrate. All of your settings and shortcuts follow you. No limits.

fusion narrate is secure hipaa compliant

Secure and HIPAA compliant

Fusion Narrate uses 256bit encryption for all data in motion and at rest. It follows all the proper protocols to stay HIPAA compliant to protect patient information.

Fusion Narrate In Action

Fusion Narrate Demo Video
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Limitless Navigation Commands with Macro Builder
  • Easy to build text templates 
  • Direct text into the EHR for quick turn around, eliminate transcription
  • Fusion Narrate follows you anywhere in the cloud

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Voice Shortcuts

Create text templates with fusion narrate

Text Templates

Create templates as simple or complex as your needs desire. The easy to use template builder allows for field markers, drop-downs, rich-text, and more! 

fusion narrate can find and click anywhere with your voice commands

Vision Clicks

Fusion Narrate's patented pending Vision Click technology allows you use voice commands to click on anything you desire. Simply take a screenshot using the shortcut builder and Narrate will find the button and click on it for you each time. 

create multi step macro commands with fusion narrate

Multi-Step Macros

Hate having to click 5 times to perform the same repetitive task? Use the shortcut builder to create multi-step macros that will quickly perform repetitive clicks and other actions with amazing speed. Save time and cut down on clicks.

fusion narrate can automate keyboard commands

Keyboard Hotkeys

Perform key strokes and key combinations by voice. Complete long strings of keyboard presses in short order to complete repetitive tasks.

fusion narrate can open files and applications

Open Files & Webpages

Open files, folders, programs, or webpages using your voice or as a part of a multi step macro.

fusion narrate can also perform scripted commands

Advanced Scripting

Have something only a script can handle?
Narrate supports AutoIT and VBScripting.

Fusion Narrate includes these applications to complete the workflow:

fusion narrate ios keyboard included

Narrate iOS Keyboard

Does your EHR have an iOS app?
With the Narrate keyboard you can dictate directly into your iOS apps. Works just like Siri, but better.

  • iPhone and iPad compatible
  • Links to your account and uses your custom vocabulary
  • Easily switch between Narrate keyboard and default keyboard
  • Some apps restrict 3rd party keyboards, the Narrate keyboard provides a solution for that as well
fusion narrate has high service and support based in USA

Service and Support


Voice to Text Solutions offers many services to assist you with Fusion Narrate. 

  • Training (1 on 1, Group, Train the Trainer)
  • Shortcut building and Customization
  • Template and Vocabulary Import
  • Administration


Voice to Text Solutions is a U.S. based company and all of its support staff are also based in the United States. Rest assured that you will get the the support you need, when you need it.

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Remote support

IT Administration

Fusion narrate has a admin console

Fusion Narrate is scalable from 1 user to 1,000s of users. IT administration tools are available to administrate nearly every aspect of Fusion Narrate. Multi level administration for the organization, group, or user makes management easy.

  • Central Administration from the Cloud and Client Application
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Manage User Settings
  • Create, Copy, Edit, and Share Templates and Shortcuts
  • Review Users Speech Accuracy and Results
  • Add, Edit, Share Custom Vocabulary

Technical Specifications

  • OS: Win 7, 8.1, & 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher
  • Minimum 2 core processor and 4GB RAM, the more the better.
  • Internet speed: 2Mbs Upload, 4 Mbs Download, less than 30 PING

Testimonial from Alison Gifford NP

allison gifford loves fusion narrate

Using Fusion Narrate has been amazing, and that is really an understatement. I am now usually able to chart “as I go” and can leave work with little or no charting to do at home. The freedom from the hours I spent charting in the evening has not only given me back precious time with my family but has allowed me to see a higher volume of patients because I am not worried about the extra charting requirements from increasing my volume.

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