Fusion Narrate Feature Highlight - Vision Click

Fusion Narrate Feature Highlight - Vision Click

Justin Erickson

Take advantage of Fusion Narrate patent pending technology called vision clicks. Fusion Narrate can locate buttons and other items on your screen and click them for you with minimal programming. All you need to do is take a screen shot of what you want Fusion Narrate to click for you.

fusion narrate vision click

You can completely voice control your EMR or computer by creating a vision click for anything you desire. What is even better, is that you can daisy chain clicks to complete multiple clicks in a row. Reducing click fatigue for repetitive clicks.

Fusion will click each item step by step, and even wait for screens to change if you are navigating from place to place! Since the clicks happen so fast, you can save time by letting Narrate do all the clicking for you. Below is a quick 4 step click happening very quickly.

Click Here to check out Fusion Narrate for more Information and to watch the demo

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