Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Discontinued - Sale inside

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Discontinued - Sale inside

Justin Erickson

Nuance has announced that its Dragon Medical Practice Edition line of software is no longer going to be sold or supported in any fashion after March 31st 2021.

No upgrades, no updates, no support will be provided to this product line after that date. With this news they have announced a special deal for current Dragon Medical Practice Edition users that would like to upgrade to the cloud.

Dragon Medical One will be the replacement for the Practice Edition line of software. It offers more flexibility than the licensed version and it continuedly getting better with features and accuracy unlike the Practice Edition version which required upgrades for the accuracy.

For those who like their Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you can continue to use it for as long as it will run on your computer. It is advised that you maintain you license activations by properly uninstalling when transferring your software.

This special deal cannot be advertised online is only available if you contact us today. Chat, email or call. Offer ends 3/31/21.

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