Pathology Speech Recognition - Hands Free - Fusion Narrate

Pathology Speech Recognition - Hands Free - Fusion Narrate

Justin Erickson

If you are looking for a speech recognition solution for pathology, you should consider looking heavily at Fusion Narrate. While other options like Dragon Medical One are capable, you just don't get all of the options and customization you need for a handsfree solution. Since both Dragon Medical One and Fusion Narrate both have excellent pathology vocabulary built in, we are not considering it as a part of this comparison.

VTTS has worked side by side with some of the largest pathology labs in the country. With our experience we have learned a lot about the pathology workflow and the best ways to implement a speech recognition solution for a pathology lab.

The purpose of this blog post is just to simply inform the reader of the differences between Fusion Narrate and Dragon Medical One in relation to a pathology environment. This will hopefully make it easier for the reader to make an informed decision on the best solution for their lab.


The first and most important feature is the ability to dictate hands free using a foot pedal or voice commands. With speech recognition, the user needs to be able to turn the microphone on and off to control the software. While Dragon Medical One supports voice commands, it does not have a native/built in function for foot controls. Fusion Narrate supports many pedals and full customization as shown below.

The other aspect of using speech recognition hands free is editing text and command and control. Both applications provide a wide ranging voice command list to enable the user to edit their dictated text with out having to touch a keyboard or mouse.

The biggest difference between Dragon and Narrate is command and control of 3rd party applications, such as your LIS system. Command and control using voice commands is very limited with Dragon Medical One, unless your LIS system is built with keyboard shortcuts for every button you need for your workflow, Dragon just simply cannot help in many scenarios. Fusion Narrate on the other hand has a patent pending feature called Vision Clicks. Vision Clicks allow you to take a picture of any button or area in your LIS and Narrate will find that button and click on it for you, using a voice command. What is even better, is that you can combine multiple clicks and keyboards shortcuts in a row to create a workflow off of one voice command. Compare the options for creating a workflow in both programs from the below screenshots:

DMO vs Narrate Shortcut options

Special Features:

Fusion Narrate has built in special commands that allow for automated cassette labeling during dictation. With any speech recognition software, dictating random numbers and letters can be very difficult for the speech engine. Since speech engines typically rely on context and statistics of words and sentences, random numbers and letter combinations can be hard for it to understand. With these special commands, it will auto list your cassettes as you dictate them.

Not too mention the many commands available for capitalization, which is typically important for your Final Diagnosis. 

Fusion Narrate Cassette labeling

Narrate also has many back end features that can be enabled for your lab depending on your workflow and needs.

Backend Speech Recognition and Standard Dictation

Fusion Narrate also provides 2 other workflow options for the labs that may need it. If your lab is not fully ready to commit to a full front-end speech recognition solution you can purchase the Fusion Text platform which allows for transcription, standard dictation and even back-end speech recognition. You can have a mixture of front-end users and back-end users with this solution, and slowly migrate away from transcription. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us.

I hope this post has made it pretty easy to understand how Fusion Narrate stands above Dragon Medical One for a pathology speech recognition solution. Considering the price, Fusion Narrate speech recognition for pathology beats Dragon Medical One in cost and features, not too mention our awarding winning support.

Thanks for reading!

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