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Dragon Medical One now in use at the VA hospital - FindBiometrics.com

Justin Erickson

In the article below from Findbiometrics.com it explains how the VA hospital is using Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition to improve patient care.

The doctors at the VA hospital will be using the Dragon PowerMic mobile application on their smart phone. This allows the doctors to dictate to any computer in the VA health system. This will allow the VA hospital to save money by requiring the doctors to use a smart phone instead of purchasing microphones for each computer.

In 2014 the VA hospital had updated its electronic medical record system in order to better integrate with speech recognition technology. This will make a smooth workflow transition for the doctors who typically rely on typing or transcription support.

Since Dragon Medical one is a cloud-based speech recognition software, this will make it easy for the doctors to move from computer to computer, or from hospital to hospital and keep all of their vocabulary, shortcuts, and templates handy.

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